A Safer Internet for the Holidays!

November 25, 2014 2 minute read

There is a belief that colors have a profound effect on humans. Perhaps this is true.

Colored YubiKeys are often requested by our customers to help them organize their YubiKeys. In October, our blue Security Key received rave reviews. So we’ve decided that one of our holiday offers should come in living color: the Limited Edition Happy New Year pack.

The three-key bundle includes Red, White and Green YubiKeys, which support OTP and U2F exclusively. And the button is marked with a distinct ‘+’ sign. We also have a second offer of four traditional black YubiKey Standards paired with two LastPass password manager subscriptions.

Here’s what we have in our store for you:

  • Happy New Year:  $79 + free basic shipping*
    We have minted a limited edition run of three festive colors for a special YubiKey that exclusively supports the two most used YubiKey protocols – U2F (for Google Accounts) and One-Time Password (for a host of other services).
    (Note: This device is not a YubiKey NEO and has no support for CCID applications or NFC capability).
  • Happy Holidays: $59 + free basic shipping*
    Secured passwords for two. Do you want to manage your passwords with LastPass and secure them with a Yubikey? This special holiday bundle has four YubiKeys AND two LastPass Premium Subscription licenses. Holiday price is nearly 50% off regular pricing.

*where available

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