Partners Against Cyber Crime: Celebrating Women’s History Month

As March comes to a close, we wanted to wrap up Women’s History Month by recognizing and celebrating some of the strong women in the tech and cybersecurity space that Yubico partners with. We’ve asked each about their experience in the tech industry, what it means to be a woman in the field, and what advice they have for those just starting their careers. Here’s what they had to say:

The best advice I can give to anyone working in infosec is to expect the unexpected and don’t become too complacent. This drives me in my role to do what I can to ensure our employees and users are safe. I hope to inspire and encourage people to adopt better cybersecurity practices to protect themselves online.” – Yan Zhu, CISO, Brave Software

I have a unique opportunity and challenge in my work at Google to focus on protecting those at highest risk of targeted cyber attacks, like journalists, human rights workers, and political campaigns. Cybersecurity is inherently collaborative, and one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is working with incredible people across civil society, industry and government towards the shared goal of securing vulnerable groups and helping protect democracy. I’m grateful for the inspiring community of women and collaborators leading in the field by wiping out entire classes of threats and ensuring security is built into products by default, including mentors who have helped me sharpen my focus for more impact. I’m passionate about lifting more women in our field and continuing to create equitable opportunities for advancement in cybersecurity.” – Grace Hoyt, Global Security Product Partnerships Lead, Google

What makes you different from your peers is your edge — it’s what will allow you to see around corners in ways your peers won’t. Your differences can be some of your greatest strengths. Especially in hacking and defending, we need as many unique perspectives as possible to predict the next opportunity or attack method. Cyber criminals are diverse so our ethical hacking and defending teams need to match that diversity to stay one step ahead — your unique perspective as a woman can be one of your greatest strengths in tech, hacking, security, and privacy.”  – Rachel Tobac, CEO, Co-Founder, SocialProofSecurity

Don’t worry about not knowing everything – nobody knows everything. As long as you keep asking questions, soaking up as much knowledge as possible, and utilizing other people for their knowledge, you’ll be alright.” – Francesca Martin, Sales Lead, Distology Limited

While we have worked to create and expand a secure digital ecosystem that empowers users, we’re only successful when strong security is actively adopted — stopping cyberattacks in their tracks. Our partners have devised unique and innovative ways of using our products to solve their problems and have taken our technology beyond where we’d even imagined! 


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