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October 9, 2014 2 minute read

We are growing! The authentication market is locking into its stride, and there has never been another period when computer experts and novices have spent so much time, effort and debate on what has mostly been the silent corner of the Internet – security.

To keep up, Yubico has added horsepower by hiring new people and we are looking for more.

What’s driving growth? Ask the millions of people who have had their passwords stolen in the past 16 months. Ask enterprise security chiefs and corporate executives in industries such as banking, healthcare, and retail what keeps them up at night.

They need help in fighting an unprecedented blitz on their security.

Our Yubico team is lean and powerful like our YubiKey, a small, hermetically-sealed USB and NFC key. With a simple touch it generates trusted credentials. Loved by users in 140 countries, including 7 of the top 10 Internet companies.

In the past month, we have welcomed three industry veterans to our team: John Haggard, former crypto developer and President at VASCO Data Security; John Fontana, online identity evangelist with his own column at; and security specialist Kevin Casey, formerly with the US Army, RightNow Technologies and Alcatel.

But now we are on the lookout for a supply chain manager, support engineer, system admin and perhaps a marketing guru. If you have the drive and enthusiasm to keep up with a company small in number but big in influence — give us a shout.

It’s time for Yubico to expand! Join us as a customer. Consider being a colleague.

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