Catch today’s webinar: Next-gen Identity Management

October 23, 2017 2 minute read
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Are your users really who they claim to be? What is the impact to your business if your end-users are registering as fake individuals, or impersonating others? If the identity of your users matters to your business, then you’ll want to join today’s webinar hosted by SC Magazine.

Identity, the internet, and your business—architecting your online product/service once was as simple as enabling someone to create a user name and a password. It’s not that easy or simple anymore. User names are easily guessed and passwords are easily breached. The answer, of course, is that identity and access management software need to be absolutely certain that the identity is correct and not an attacker pretending to be the authorized user. NIST 800-63-3 recommends combining identity proofing with multi-factor authentication.

Tune in to today’s webinar on next-gen identity management. Yubico’s foremost Identity expert, John Bradley will chat with SC Media’s Editor, Stephen Lawton about identity proofing in the real world, and how companies can ensure a user’s identity is accurate and not an imposter.

About John Bradley

John has over 15 years experience in the information technology and identity management field. He advises Government Agencies and commercial organizations on the policy and technical requirements of Identity Management, Federated Identity, PKI and smart card solutions. He is often consulted and brought in to brief clients, vendors, staff, and standards organizations on complex state-of-the-art identity management concepts, best practices, and technical requirements because of his amazing ability to make complex topics simple.

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