Available now! Works with YubiKey makes it easy for services to self-verify and for users to submit integrations for listing

June 30, 2020 3 minute read

Changing the world can’t be done alone. That’s why integrations play such a critical role in our mission to make the internet safer. We often like to say that we have created  the key, and our partners build the locks. With this in mind, we launched Works with YubiKey (WWYK), our technology alliance program for products, apps, and services that integrate with Yubico hardware and software.

Since first launching in 2018, the program has seen remarkable growth, and has enabled us to work with hundreds of global companies sharing the same commitment to protecting devices, accounts, and most importantly, people.

Today, we’re expanding on this momentum with significant updates to our WWYK Program. These updates will empower even more companies to build support for the YubiKey and YubiHSM into their products, and make it easier for our users to discover all of the integrations that enable hardware-backed authentication on our online catalog.

Designed to address varying needs, we’re introducing two new tracks to program membership—self-verified and Yubico-verified—and also made it possible for our community of users to submit YubiKey integrations for catalog listing.


The Yubico-verified track provides a way for companies, who wish to engage in a deeper business relationship with Yubico, to help amplify their YubiKey integration and work together as business partners. Want to partner with us? Let us know.


Yubico now provides a self-verification checklist for companies who wish to verify their own integrations and ensure they have the essential features to meet our usability guidelines. This track enables companies to independently manage their own catalog listings, and engage in periodic marketing activities without any joint business plans. Verify your integration now

Lastly, we’re providing a way for you, our users, to submit community listings for YubiKey integrations that you know and love, and may not yet be listed in our catalog. We also encourage you to tweet at your favorite companies to request that they build support for YubiKey authentication.

With these new updates to the Works with YubiKey Program, we hope to provide companies with a new platform for showcasing their products and commitment to user security, and at the same time, ensure that users don’t miss out on all the great integrations available today.

If you are interested in becoming a Works with YubiKey Program member, but don’t yet support Yubico products, start with our Developer site.

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