Author: Jerrod Chong


Hello, SSO. It’s me, authentication

There’s a secret that single sign-on (SSO) never talks about. It’s called authentication. The SSO conversation starts without mentioning the assumption that the user is already logged in. A login that requires a password. Instead, SSO is quickly positioned to triumph over the dangers of weak and reused passwords. Many times, however, those same suspect passwords


Nov 19, 2014

NEO Supports U2F +OTP; Same Key at Same Time

Today, we whizz past another milestone. NEO keys built on our 3.3 firmware will support both U2F and OTP running on the same key at the same time. In fact, the configuration will support those two along with CCID. We heard loud and clear during our launch of U2F support in October that a multi-function


Sep 22, 2014

YubiKey powers Salesforce 2FA platform

In the next three weeks, Salesforce will add a second major piece within the past year to its identity and access management capabilities. At its annual Dreamforce conference, Salesforce will unveil the Winter 15 edition, including a new feature called Login Flows that allows Salesforce admins to customize the login experience for their users. On