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    Jumpstart your Zero Trust strategy with strong phishing-resistant authentication.

    Now is the time to accelerate your Zero Trust strategy

    Rise in cyber crime since 20211.
    Of organizations were targeted by a ransomware attack in 20222.
    Cyber attacks begin with a phishing email3.

    The effects of a successful cyber attack can be devastating

    According to the Zero Trust Survey Report, 55% of organizations either have Zero Trust security or plan to implement it within nine months. This is because cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their methods, and the consequences of a successful cyber attack are devastating. Yubico’s State of Global Enterprise Authentication survey found that, of the companies who were victims of a cyber attack…

    Experienced reputational damage
    Suffered loss of income
    Saw increased employee turnover

    Strong, phishing-resistant authentication can accelerate your Zero Trust strategy

    One way to accelerate your Zero Trust strategy is through strong, purpose built multi-factor authentication (MFA) that cannot be easily bypassed by malicious actors. By implementing phishing-resistant MFA as part of your Zero Trust strategy, you can ensure that only authenticated users have access to your networks and data. Phishing-resistant MFA is foundational to your Zero Trust journey, and can greatly accelerate putting the right protections in place to effectively mitigate against modern  cyber attack risks.

    “Having strong authentication is a foundational security component of a Zero Trust architecture. Yubico and YubiKeys help fill the gap, for example, where weak passwords have been used, by providing validated, phishing-resistant security keys.”

    John Kindervag, Creator of Zero Trust

    “It doesn’t matter how strong your firewalls are if a user gives out their credentials to a phishing attack. All it takes is for someone to be tired and make one bad decision. They may have all the anti-phishing training in the world. Everyone’s human.”

    Shaun Tosler, Infrastructure Manager for Phoenix, an IT reseller serving the UK public sector

    Zero trust requires strong MFA, but not all MFA is created equal

    Any MFA is better than just a password, but not all MFA provides the same level of security assurance. Unfortunately, the most common forms of MFA, such as One-Time-Password apps or SMS codes, are themselves vulnerable to phishing attacks. Research by Google, NYU, and UCSD, based on 350,000 real-world hijacking attempts, proved that these methods are not very effective in preventing account takeovers and targeted attacks.

    Get an early win for your Zero Trust strategy

    You can quickly accelerate your Zero Trust strategy by implementing hardware security keys, like the YubiKey. The YubiKey delivers true protection for phishing-resistant MFA and is proven to stop over 99% of account takeovers. By leveraging the power of YubiKeys you can accelerate your Zero Trust strategy and better protect your organization from cyber threats.

    The world’s leading companies protect their account with security keys

    “We have had no reported or confirmed account takeovers since implementing security keys at Google.”

    “Protecting against remote attackers is a constant challenge, because once they gain access, they can move laterally through the organization to get the data they want.”

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    “The YubiKey complements our Zero Trust architecture and helps get us closer to Zero Trust.”

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