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YubiKeys offer phishing-resistant strong authentication that stops account takeovers, unlike legacy mobile authenticators that are built for communication.

YubiKey: Modern strong authentication at scale

Stop phishing attacks and account takeovers with the YubiKey—offering modern strong authentication that is purpose built for high security and ease of use, securing enterprises and their users at scale.

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Top 5 mobile authentication misconceptions & why YubiKey is the answer

December 9, 2021 at 9am PST

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Strong authentication that stops phishing and account takeovers 100%

While any MFA is better than no MFA, not all types of MFA are created equal. Mobile-based 2FA and MFA such as SMS, OTP, push notifications are vulnerable to malware, phishing, MiTM, SIM swaps, and account takeovers.

The YubiKey is purpose-built for high security, offering strong two-factor, multi-factor, and passwordless authentication that is phishing resistant and proven to stop account takeovers 100% in independent research. Per NIST guidelines, the YubiKey offers impersonation-resistant verification, and ensures that the authenticator is separate from the device, avoiding a single point of failure in the event of the device being compromised.

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Built for convenience and scale

Mobile authenticators don’t offer the best user experience. Users are required to wait for and type in codes, and are reliant on cell connectivity and battery. They also create MFA gaps in mobile-restricted areas, where users can’t, don’t, or won’t use mobile-based authentication.

YubiKeys offer always-on security, and don’t rely on cellular connectivity or batteries. They are built for convenience and scale, offering an easy way to ensure 100% MFA coverage. YubiKeys work with over 700+ services and applications, and with a single tap or touch, users log in 4x faster than typing in an OTP code, improving productivity. Plus, with YubiEnterprise Delivery YubiKeys can be shipped directly into the hands of your users across the globe.

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Offers a bridge to passwordless

Secure passwordless login that delivers strong security while reducing user friction should be the goal across your organization.

The YubiKey ensures that your MFA solution is future-proofed by offering a bridge from legacy authentication to a passwordless future. With the YubiKey, you can implement FIDO2/WebAuthn passwordless authentication or smart card passwordless authentication or even a hybrid strategy, depending on your existing infrastructure and business scenarios.

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