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Strongbox provides a password management solution for iOS or Mac devices. Strongbox utilizes standards based formats, and enhances security by adding support for YubiKey Challenge-Response as an encryption factor on KeePass password databases.


By offering robust military grade encryption keyed by a YubiKey Challenge-Response, users can be confident their password databases are impenetrable.

Offline 2FA

Two-factor authentication for your offline password database has always been the holy grail in password security. It is now available with Strongbox and YubiKey!

High Assurance

The golden rule of two-factor authentication, something you have and something you know, is now available to protect your password databases in a completely offline fashion.

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Product overview

Strongbox is a personal password manager for iOS and Mac platforms. It supports the long trusted, open source KeePass and Password Safe formats while providing a clean, modern and intuitive user interface. Strongbox integrates with iOS Auto Fill, and provides a whole host of other security enhancing features.

Security protocol support
  • Challenge-Response
Desktop/laptop platform support
  • macOS
Mobile platform support
  • iOS (iPhone via NFC)
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad via Lightning)

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Get started using Strongbox with the YubiKey.

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