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Mideye works with the YubiKey to add a reliable, cost-efficient hardware-backed layer of protection to enterprise services that require strong user authentication, such as VPNs, portals, and cloud services.


With Mideye, you can log in quickly and save time with one-touch YubiKey two-factor authentication (2FA).

User Controlled

Mideye offers a hybrid cloud solution, where you control your user accounts and enable YubiKey authentication as needed.


Enabling YubiKeys in Mideye’s mobile app enrollment combines the strong security of YubiKey hardware with the convenience of mobile phones.

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Identify your YubiKey
  • Remote Access
Compatible legacy YubiKeys
  • YubiKey 4
  • YubiKey 4 Nano
  • YubiKey 4C
  • YubiKey 4C Nano
  • YubiKey Edge
  • YubiKey Edge-n
  • YubiKey NEO
  • YubiKey NEO-n
  • YubiKey Nano
  • YubiKey Standard
Product overview

The Mideye Service comprises two main components: a general-purpose authentication engine (Mideye Server) and a central cloud-based authentication service. The Mideye Server is installed at customer premises and acts as a back-end RADIUS server for access products such as VPNs, firewalls, portals, and cloud applications. The service supports authentication with mobile phones, YubiKey two-factor authentication, as well as a combination of the two, allowing for flexible deployment and combination of different form factors with minimum additional administrative burden.

Security protocol support
  • One Time Password - Yubico OTP
Desktop/laptop platform support
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
Mobile platform support
  • Android (Smartphone/Tablet via NFC)

Get started

Get started using Mideye with the YubiKey.

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