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HiCrypt™ encrypts data on network drives and enables shared access to encrypted files and folders. In contrast to conventional container encryption solutions, HiCrypt™ allows several people to access the encrypted shares at the same time. HiCrypt™ also enables PIN-based authentication with PIV-compatible YubiKey security keys.

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Identify your YubiKey
  • Encryption Tools
  • Security
Compatible legacy YubiKeys
  • YubiKey 4
  • YubiKey 4 Nano
  • YubiKey 4C
  • YubiKey 4C Nano
  • YubiKey Edge
  • YubiKey Edge-n
  • YubiKey NEO
  • YubiKey NEO-n
Product overview

Today, companies are forced to encrypt important information—either for data protection reasons or because they don’t want criminals to steal sensitive company or customer data. HiCrypt™ encrypts data on network drives and ensures that only those in possession of the corresponding key can view the confidential data.

HiCrypt™ enables users to manage the access rights to the encrypted content and determine who can decrypt the data: whether only the user alone or additional trusted persons. All others have no access to the encrypted information. Even administrators who can prepare the drives to be encrypted for use do not need to have permission to view the sensitive data.

With HiCrypt™, users can add another strong layer of security by enabling a PIN with a hardware-backed YubiKey instead of a password to protect access to sensitive information.

Security protocol support
  • PIV-compatible Smart Card
Desktop/laptop platform support
  • Microsoft Windows

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