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Citrix Workspace

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Citrix Workspace transforms the employee experience and IT experience by organizing, guiding, and automating work. Citrix Workspace integrates with the YubiKey to deliver a streamlined, highly secure, and intelligent work platform.

Comprehensive support

With most cyberattacks now beginning with compromised passwords, organizations need better ways to authenticate users and provide access to critical applications, services, and data. Strong authentication with a YubiKey lets Citrix Workspace customers strengthen network security, reduce IT expenses, and improve their productivity.

Passwordless Login

Citrix Cloud natively supports time-based one-time password (TOTP) as a second factor of authentication, enabling Citrix Cloud admins and users to set up a YubiKey with the Yubico Authenticator. The Yubico Authenticator works as a hardware-backed alternative to Google Authenticator and other time-based authenticator apps.

Fast, Easy, Secure 2FA

Citrix Workspace customers can deploy passwordless access with YubiKeys through Microsoft support for FIDO2 passwordless single sign-on in Azure Active Directory (AAD). With FIDO2-compliant YubiKeys, users can securely authenticate without passwords to access Citrix Workspace from anywhere, even shared workstations.

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Identify your YubiKey
  • Cloud Service
  • Productivity
  • Remote Access
  • Security
  • Virtual Private Network
Compatible legacy YubiKeys
  • Fido U2F Security Key
  • Security Key
  • YubiKey 4
  • YubiKey 4 Nano
  • YubiKey 4C
  • YubiKey 4C Nano
  • YubiKey Edge
  • YubiKey Edge-n
  • YubiKey NEO
  • YubiKey NEO-n
Product overview

Citrix helps customers reimagine the future of work by providing a comprehensive secure digital workspace that unifies the apps, data, and services people need to be productive, and simplifies IT’s ability to adopt and manage complex cloud environments.

Citrix Workspace is Citrix’s solution for streamlining work – it’s a single, secure intelligent work platform that organizes, guides, and automates the most important information that people need.

Citrix integrates with and enables YubiKey authentication across supporting products, including Citrix Workspace (FIDO2/WebAuthn, U2F), Citrix Cloud (TOTP), Citrix XenDesktop (PIV), and Citrix Gateway (via SAML), to address a number of key customer needs.

Security protocol support
  • One Time Password - TOTP
  • Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)
  • FIDO2/WebAuthn
  • PIV-compatible Smart Card
Desktop/laptop platform support
  • Microsoft Windows
Browser support
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Get started

Get started using Citrix Workspace with the YubiKey.

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