This guide will show you how to implement Yubikey + LastPass Enterprise protection. To do so, you will need the following:

How to enable YubiKey + LastPass Enterprise

  1. Order a bundle with LastPass Enterprise + YubiKeys, either for 10 users or 50 users. Enter the order using the email address you plan to use as the LastPass Enterprise administrator.
    IMPORTANT: If you already have a LastPass Enterprise account, do not order these bundles – buy additional LastPass Enterprise licenses directly from LastPass.
  2. You will receive a “Welcome to LastPass Enterprise” email from LastPass containing instructions on how to get started. In addition, you will also get the standard Yubico store “thank you” email. If the email address used for the order does not have a LastPass account, you will also get a “Welcome To LastPass” email.

* All YubiKeys purchased from our webstore come preconfigured for the YubiCloud. If your YubiKey is not, please click here for instructions on how to do so.