YubiKey 4 Nano

Use the YubiKey with the Centrify Identity Platform to enable seamless two-factor authentication and safely secure enterprise resources quickly, with reduced costs. Using the YubiKey with Centrify also helps you meet regulatory requirements. By leveraging multiple YubiKey-supported security protocols, Centrify provides the broadest IAM support for various use cases across platforms, devices, and apps. This includes:

  • FIDO U2F within the Centrify platform
  • NFC for login to smartphone apps
  • OATH-HOTP for secure SSO to cloud apps and servers
  • Smart card PIV re-authentication for Windows privilege escalation
  • Active Directory-based login to Mac OS X and other platforms to meet NIST regulations

A single YubiKey can secure all these systems with a single touch.

The YubiKey is not only easy for employees to use, but easy for administrators to implement and support. Support for password resets, help desk calls, and specialized smart card readers are no longer required. Use Centrify’s flexible SSO platform services with the YubiKey to bolster security and prevent costly attacks based on compromised credentials.