YubiEnterprise Delivery Terms Addendum

This YubiEnterprise Delivery Terms Addendum (“Delivery Addendum”) is specific to Yubico’s Enterprise Delivery offerings (“Delivery Services”) and is incorporated into the Yubico Terms and Conditions of Sale and License that the purchasing customer (“Customer”) have entered into (the “Agreement”). Any conflict between this Delivery Addendum and the Agreement shall be governed by this Delivery Addendum. By using Delivery Services or clicking “Agree”, as applicable, Customer accepts the terms and conditions of this Addendum. If a Customer user is accepting this Addendum on behalf of a company, such user is representing that it is authorized to do so.

  1. Delivery
    1. General; Eligible Destination. If Customer has purchased Delivery Services with an accompanying Product purchase, then Yubico will deliver Products to Customer’s shipping destinations located in countries being supported by YubiEnterprise Delivery (then-current list of supported countries available upon request).
    2. Shipping Timeline. Subject to production lead times, Customer may schedule delivery of purchased Products anytime within 12 months of the original Product purchase. If after 12 months elapse, any of Customer’s Products remain in Yubico’s inventory, then Yubico will notify and promptly ship the remainder of the inventory to Customer’s corporate address at Customer’s expense. Each purchase order for Products is subject to a 12-month inventory holding period. In the event Customer has multiple purchase orders, Yubico will fulfill Delivery requests following a first-in, first-out basis.
    3. Payment. Customer’s purchase of Delivery Service shall be in the form of paying the applicable shipping rate per shipment as stated in Yubico’s then-current Delivery Services rate table (“Shipping Fees”), available upon request. As Customer enters shipment requests pursuant to its purchased Delivery Services, Yubico will charge Customer applicable Shipping Fees. Invoices for Shipping Fees charged in a month shall be collated and issued monthly at the same payment terms of the Agreement. Shipping Fees are subject to applicable taxes and duties based on destination address of shipped Products.