Passwordless is here for your Microsoft accounts

YubiKeys are easier and faster to use than passwords
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Microsoft Live account users can remove passwords completely and keep the bad actors out. YubiKeys are faster and easier to use than passwords and ensure secure access by validating authentication with a simple tap or touch. Simply touch while plugged into a USB port or tap with contactless near-field communication (NFC).

yubikey with O365
YubiKeys with Office 365

Portable from device to devices, the YubiKey prevents phishing attacks when used to access your online accounts.

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YubiKeys with Bing

Remove passwords from your Microsoft Live ID? Select YubiKeys as your method of authenticating into your personal account.

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YubiKeys with Skype

Log in using a YubiKey to access Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Your identity is verified with a YubiKey.

“Passwordless login represents a massive shift in how billions of users, both business and consumer, will securely log in to their Windows 10 devices and authenticate to Azure Active Directory-based applications and services.”
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Alex SimonsCorporate Vice President PM, Microsoft Identity Division
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