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    About our customer TriMet

    TriMet, trimet.org, is a municipal corporation providing public transportation for much of the three counties in the Portland, Oregon metro area. TriMet operates a comprehensive transit network; including a 52-mile MAX light rail system, 79 bus lines, the 14.7 mile WES Commuter Rail, services for seniors and people with disabilities, and enhanced amenities and information.

    “Our cost to replace every token was less than the first year of maintenance would have been had we stuck with our previous solution. Plus, YubiKeys are easy to use, appear to be extremely durable, and I appreciate the extra security of being able to program them with your own secret key. Working with Yubico has also been refreshing. It’s not often you work with a company that is amazingly helpful.”
    Michael CrinoNetwork Communications Systems Engineer II at TriMet

    TriMet’s authentication requirements

    TriMet had been using RSA SecurID tokens for authenticating their remote users. Due to increased cost and security concerns, TriMet started evaluating alternative authentication technologies.

    Yubico solutions and benefits

    With the ability to easily program and control token secrets, the YubiKey ensured a higher level of security than the previous solution. The YubiKey was also easier to use and more robust. The YubiKey solution further offered significant cost savings compared to their previous solution. To ensure priority access to Yubico technical expertise, TriMet also chose to purchase Yubico Support Services.