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    KRY improves security and MFA usability with YubiKeys

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    About our customer KRY

    KRY is a Swedish firm that offers an international telemedicine services portal that serves over a million users. KRY services allow patients or their representatives to consult a qualified health professional within minutes via smartphone or tablet connectivity. Over 500 employees and 1000 clinicians connect to KRY infrastructure to cater to patient needs across a wide variety of medical disciplines and international boundaries.

    KRY’s authentication challenge

    As KRY offers a telemedicine services portal across the European Union (EU), it’s infrastructure holds sensitive and confidential Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and medical information. KRY sought to reduce their overall security breach risk and reduce attack surfaces across sensitive systems. They decided to implement an identity access solution to ensure only authorized access to these systems, which include Google G Suite and Slack applications that are widely used by employees across the organization.

    KRY needed to deploy breach protection quickly and at scale. They considered various solutions including Okta Identity Management, but a lack of integration limited rapid deployment across their employee base, and necessitated another search.

    “Yubico is a well known and trusted company in the security industry. Yubikey is a well established brand that we have confidence in.”
    Carl SvenssonHead of Information and IT-security

    Yubico solutions and benefits

    KRY tested strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) security using the YubiKey 5 Series with a subset of employees, including developers and technical staff. During the pilot phase, these employees tested YubiKeys with Google G Suite, Slack, and other key browser-accessed applications, using the FIDO2 protocol. The employees were impressed with the ease of use and the fact that YubiKeys didn’t hinder productivity.

    KRY chose YubiKeys for roll out company-wide as they offer the best MFA security/price ratio on the market and can be rapidly deployed for use across a wide variety of user devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Those employees with access to sensitive systems were provisioned YubiKeys first to provide immediate impact to identity authenticity. KRY is expecting a full roll-out of YubiKeys across other cloud-based and on-premises applications, and to all employees and clinicians.

    “We used Yubikey to enable a really smooth rollout of a new VPN system within the company which allowed fully self-services setup for users.”
    Carl SvenssonHead of Information and IT-security

    The results

    The YubiKey 5 Series stops account takeovers and breaches by providing the strongest cryptographic security authentication factor in addition to username and password. Accounts can’t be authenticated and employees can’t use sensitive software without plugging in and tapping their YubiKey.