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    Hacktive Security

    Hacktive Security selects YubiKey for strong authentication
    Easy to implement
    Open-source approach
    Affordable price

    About our customer Hacktive Security

    Hacktive Security is a vendor-independent information security consulting company based in Italy.
    “We started testing the Yubico solutions in the beginning of 2013 to implement a strong authentication solution in our internal infrastructure,” said Francesco Mormile, senior security advisor for Hacktive Security. “In mid-2013 our experience was so outstanding that we decided to start the partnership program and become a trusted partner for Italy. Currently, several of our customers are running Yubico solutions for a wide range of services, from authentication to cryptography. Due to the nature of our business, security is a must and, with Yubico, we found excellent and flexible products that perfectly fit our needs.”
    Hacktive Security offers an extensive range of services to ensure secure information systems for companies operating in markets such as telecommunications, finance, insurance, manufacturing, education, and government.

    Authentication requirements

    Hacktive Security searched the market for a high-security solution that was easy to implement, both on existing Web applications and on other software, such as encryption tools and remote access services. The company wanted to implement a strong authentication solution for its own internal security due to the critical data it manages. Once implemented, Hacktive Security decided to offer strong-authentication integration to its customers as value-added services.

    Yubico solutions and benefits

    Hacktive Security chose the YubiKey based on its easy-to-use strong hardware authentication, affordable price, open-source approach, and Yubico’s technical support. In addition, the YubiKey proved compatible with the range of applications that the company and its customers required.