• What is an HSM?

    An HSM is a hardware security module that delivers enhanced protection for cryptographic keys, securing modern infrastructures. It can securely generate, store and manage digital keys.

    How does an HSM work?

    An HSM is a secure physical device, typically plugged into a computer, that is used to protect cryptographic keys. HSM’s offer a tamper resistant environment to host a larger number of keys. By providing a centralized place for key management the process is streamlined and secure. You may notice the chip, in the HSM’s design, authentication occurs inside the chip and due to its strong nature the chip is pretty much impossible to tamper with.

    Why would an enterprise or SMB have a need for an HSM?

    Every organization needs to protect their server environments and the cryptographic keys stored on those servers. Approximately 95% of all IT breaches happen when a user credential or server gets hacked. HSM hardware delivers advanced protection to prevent the theft of keys while at rest or in use.This protects against both logical attacks against the server, such as zero-day exploits or malware, and physical theft of a server or its hard drive.

    What are the benefits of using an HSM?

    Highest level of security. HSM’s provide one of the maximum levels of security for outside threats.

    Easy for organizations of all sizes, the key stays in one place. This makes it easy to keep track of and centralize.

    Ability to manage hundreds of cryptographic keys at once, making it great for large organizations.

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