Modern authentication for the Department of the Air Force

    How the YubiKey complements the CAC and solves U.S. Department of the Air Force modernization use cases with phishing-resistant MFA
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    Using the Common Access Card (CAC) for authentication is not practical or possible for every U.S. Air Force Airman, Guardian, employee, contractor and mission partner. Guidance such as the NSM-8 has put pressure on the DoD to deploy phishing-resistant authentication as part of a Zero Trust Architecture and modernize authentication across the entire DoD. Yubico offers the phishing-resistant FIPS 140-2 validated YubiKey, a DoD-approved hardware security key that complements the CAC with highest-assurance multi-factor and passwordless authentication. Download the free brochure to learn how the YubiKey solves U.S. Air and Space Force modernization uses cases.