Modern authentication for manufacturing with the YubiKey

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Reduce costs and enable easy to-use modern authentication for manufacturing with the YubiKey

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Secure Manufacturing

Made in Sweden & USA Yubico is a Swedish company that owns subsidiaries in the USA, UK and Germany. We strongly believe there are security and privacy benefits for our customers by manufacturing and programming our products in Sweden and the USA. To ensure that we are very close to all aspects of manufacturing, we ...


YubiKey Programming Options

Program your own YubiKeys Use the free YubiKey Personalization Tool to configure any YubiKey 5 series security key to work with different applications or your own custom solutions. The YubiKey Personalization Tool works on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac computers, and can be used to configure single or multiple YubiKeys. Program your YubiKeys at Yubico (large quantities) ...


YubiKey SaaS offering from Yubico now available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Today, Yubico is announcing the availability of its multi-factor authentication YubiKeys in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Microsoft Azure customers in the U.S. will now have access to YubiKeys to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive application development and shape business strategies.  “We’re pleased to welcome Yubico to the Microsoft ...


Yubico lance la série YubiKey 5 CSPN, la première gamme d'authentificateurs multi-protocoles FIDO2/WebAuthn/PIV/OTP certifiés CSPN (certification ANSSI)

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes ravis d’annoncer le lancement et la disponibilité de la série YubiKey 5 CSPN, la première gamme d’authentificateurs multi-protocoles FIDO2/WebAuthn certifiés CSPN (ANSSI) en France. La série YubiKey 5 CSPN permet aux agences gouvernementales françaises/européennes et aux organisations réglementées de répondre aux normes strictes de sécurité et d’authentification des dernières directives émises  par ...