Modern hardware-backed MFA and compliance for Federal Government

    How the YubiKey meets US Federal Government regulations

    Government agencies rely on PIV/CAC smart card standards but there are edge cases where PIV and CAC are not suitable. OMB Memo 19-17 and OMB Memo 20-19 laid the groundwork for alternate strong authentication, and Biden’s May 12, 2021 Executive Order 14028 mandated MFA within 180 days. Additionally, NIST provided guidance on using strong MFA solutions that provide verifier impersonation resistance capabilities.

    Download the Yubico White Paper Modern Hardware-backed Multi-factor Authentication for the Federal Government to learn:

    • The federal authentication and cyber threat landscape
    • How modern alternate authenticators such as the YubiKey support PIV/CAC requirements
    • How the DOD-approved YubiKey meets federal compliance standards such as CMMC, FedRAMP, DFARS, and more