Cybersecurity in the Work From Anywhere Era

    Findings on Employee Attitudes and Adaptability to At-Home Corporate Security

    A new era of hybrid work has highlighted more than ever that major cybersecurity gaps exist within organizations driven largely by employees attitudes and adaptability to at home corporate security.

    In its most recent research report, Yubico surveyed 3,006 employees in Europe to pinpoint their attitudes and behaviours as it relates to at-home corporate security. Respondents varied from business owners to entry-level employees at companies with 250 or more employees, across sectors, in France, Germany and the UK. All of them have worked from home at some stage of the pandemic using work-issued devices.

    The results offer insights into the use of work-issued devices for personal matters, sharing and remembering business passwords, the adoption of two-factor authentication (2FA), and other security measures as well as how enterprises are responding. The main questions are: how is your business faring? And can you afford to be left behind?

    Download the full report to gain unique insights into:

    • How passwords and 2FA are being considered within cybersecurity culture
    • The lack of security-first mindsets amongst business owners and C-level executives
    • The employee take on security of their own organizations
    • How points-of-view vary across countries and industry vertical