Bridge to Passwordless

    Key Considerations When Building a Secure Passwordless Strategy

    Going Passwordless

    There are as many definitions of passwordless as there are passwords. While it’s widely recognized that there are many benefits to achieving secure account login without the use of passwords, what going passwordless means can be a confusing topic. Every enterprise may have to take a different road to passwordless depending on factors like their current user environment, their existing authentication processes and whether their IT staff is ready to cross the bridge to passwordless.

    Not all MFA is built equal

    There are many examples of passwordless multi-factor (MFA) in use today. However, not all MFA is equal in their strength of security and defense against phishing. The goal of an organization should be to adopt a passwordless MFA solution that offers strong phishing defense. Learn about the key considerations to take into account when determining your path to passwordless, so that you can enhance organizational security while delivering users a fast and easy user experience.

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