Shibboleth is a standards-based, open source software package used for implementing federated identity management and single sign-on based on the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Using Shibboleth, organizations and enterprises needing to support a variety of users and applications can simplify the management of identity and permissions — while still preserving privacy.

Shibboleth is the leading SAML implementation used in higher education institutions around the world. Since 2003, hundreds of universities have secured access controls with Shibboleth.

YubiKey + Shibboleth

We encourage various free software projects to implement support for YubiKey in their Shibboleth packages.

YubiKey authentication is possible with the Yubico JAAS module found in the Yubico Java client:

Java Client 

Multifactor authentication with Shibboleth is possible with the multifactor login handler contributed to the community by Yubico:

Multifactor login handler

Shibboleth U2F Plug-in

An open-source plug-in for U2F is now available for Shibboleth. This plug-in is another step towards secure authentication based on U2F public key cryptography.

Shibboleth U2F plug-in