Updated Personalization Tool

November 8, 2012 1 minute read

Good news! We have just released a new version of our Cross Platform Personalization Tool, available for download from our website. Your feedback has been valuable for us, and we’ve incorporated many requests to make the tool better and easier to use. The changes to the new Tool includes new features, improved user interface and, of course, a number of bug fixes. Some if the new features include:

  • NDEF configuration support for YubiKey NEO beta/Production
  • Possibility to clear configuration slots
  • Secret ID is now always a random value
  • Allows HMAC-SHA1 with a static secret
  • Default option to automatically use the YubiKey Serial Number as the public ID
  • Choice of log file formats
  • All v2.3 features supported (we will soon tell you more)
  • Enhanced Static password input features, including copy/pasting passwords
  • Enhanced status display; reports the configuration of each slot and displays an icon matching your YubiKey

You can download the new version of the Cross Platform Personalization Tool here, and remember to continue to let us know if you have any feedback!

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