Note from Stina: Exciting changes in Yubico’s leadership team

Ubiquity: one simple word shared at our kitchen table in Sweden back in 2007 sparked an idea for Yubico’s name and mission. At that moment, we decided we would embark on a journey to make secure login easy and available for everyone.  

Our vision was to enable one single authenticator to protect any number of services, with a simple tap, and no client software or shared secrets between services. A year later we launched the first YubiKey and three years later, my husband and co-founder Jakob and I moved to Silicon Valley to work closely with the internet thought leaders to make our dream happen.

I am excited about where Yubico is today. Our technology is protecting logins for the largest enterprises, critical government infrastructures, free press and high-profile political figures around the world. We contributed our inventions to the global open standards community, which are built into all leading platforms and browsers. And, just a few weeks ago, Apple announced its support of hardware security keys, including YubiKeys, to protect users’ iCloud accounts.

In addition to driving the phishing resistant open standards, another proud moment for Yubico is how we helped shape the White House Directive for phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication. 90% of all breaches are due to stolen login credentials and phishing, which are the biggest security risks for everyone on the internet. Open standards, government regulations and mass scale education are all critical in making the difference to prevent cyberattacks.  

That is why I am excited to announce that I am taking on a new role at Yubico as Chief Evangelist. I am not stepping away from the company that Jakob and I started 16 years ago. Instead, I am dedicating my time to help accelerate awareness on the simple things we all can do to be safe online. A cornerstone to this work is creating engaging, entertaining content on internet security designed to reach and educate the masses in a fun and inspiring way.  

I also will give more attention to what is very close to my heart: Yubico’s Secure it Forward program, helping to protect human rights and the world at large. Additionally, I’ll also continue to remain a Yubico board member. In short – I’m as committed to Yubico and our mission as I was on day one! 

I am excited to share that Mattias Danielsson, who until today has been Yubico’s Chief Operating Officer, is our new Chief Executive Officer. Mattias and I have worked alongside one another for over 13 years at Yubico, where he has served on our executive team to lead operations, sales, finance and many other areas as the company has grown. He has also served on the board for the last 11 years, and has been a close trusted advisor and an integral piece of Yubico’s continued success. 

Additionally, I am happy to share that Jerrod Chong has moved from his current position as Chief Solutions Officer to serve as the company’s new President and Chief Operating Officer.  Another long term trusted member of our executive team, Jerrod has continuously taken on larger teams and responsibilities throughout his nine years at Yubico. He has been critical in driving the company’s technology, go-to-market strategy, and strategic partnerships.

In a time when the world economy is slowing down, Yubico is in a better place than it has ever been. We continue to grow our revenue, customer base, product portfolio, manufacturing capacity and team. For seven of the last ten years we have been profitable, and in 2022, we achieved record profits. The big goals I set for Yubico when Jakob and I founded the company have been accomplished and in many cases, exceeded. As I move into my new role the daily operations of Yubico are in good hands with the trusted team, who has a solid foundation to build on.

Thank you to the YubiTeam, our customers and partners for what we have achieved on a global scale. It’s been my privilege to partner with you, solving challenges and celebrating wins. I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey with each and every one of you to make the internet an even safer place for all. Let’s continue to dream big.

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