NEO Supports U2F +OTP; Same Key at Same Time

November 19, 2014 2 minute read

Today, we whizz past another milestone. NEO keys built on our 3.3 firmware will support both U2F and OTP running on the same key at the same time. In fact, the configuration will support those two along with CCID.

We heard loud and clear during our launch of U2F support in October that a multi-function key that included the FIDO Alliance U2F protocol was on the must-have list for many Yubico customers.

We could not solve this immediately even though our multi-function capability was already resident on the NEO (as many of you theorized), but the FIDO client (browser side) needed the necessary plumbing in order to complete the experience.

With yesterday’s release of Version 39 of Google’s Chrome browser all the pieces are now in place.

If you have a NEO or NEO-n key (3.3 firmware) use the newly released NEO Manager for your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) to configure the key.

What are the benefits of this multi-function key? Many people say they are using Gmail (U2F) and LastPass (OTP) or WordPress (OTP) to bolster security across their applications using just one YubiKey. You can also use the OpenPGP capabilities (CCID mode) in conjunction with U2F and OTP without needing to reconfigure the device for different protocols. And there are other combinations you can hear about from your peers on our Twitter feed @Yubico.

This is just one milestone we have been working on. There are others out there and they are just as interesting. Stay tuned. And enjoy the security.

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