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Yubico phishing-resistant, multi-factor authentication (MFA) stops account takeovers for the world’s largest organizations.


Yubico’s award-winning security key, the YubiKey, is 100% built for security and trusted by millions, delivering modern authentication and peace of mind to Enterprises, SMBs, Individuals, and Developers.

Changing the game for modern phishing-resistant authentication

The YubiKey is hardware authentication reimagined. Secure the identities of your employees and users, reduce support costs, and experience an unmatched user experience.

0 account takeovers
92% reduction in support calls
4x faster login

Legacy MFA can be easily bypassed

In this video, ethical hacker Rachel Tobac explains how a typical modern cyber attack works, and shows how hardware security keys offer better security than legacy MFA such as mobile authentication.

Move away from broken MFA

Did you know 90% of all internet breaches are due to stolen login credentials? SMS, mobile authentication apps, and legacy one-time passcodes (OTPs) are vulnerable to today’s advanced threats.

To stop modern threats you must have modern phishing-resistant authentication.

Read the Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Yubico and see how a composite  organization reduced risk by 99.9%, saw a drop in password-related helpdesk tickets by 75%, and experienced a 203% 3-year ROI with YubiKeys.

“We run our environment through various penetration tests and simulated attacks and, of course, YubiKeys stand up against all that.”

Director of security engineering, Energy
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Protecting from human error

Employees are busy and can be distracted. In fact, 9 out of 10 cybersecurity breaches are caused by employee mistakes.

The YubiKey protects the human layer by eliminating “MFA fatigue.” Remove the guesswork and ensure your employees, and only your employees, can get in.

security protocols

True phishing-resistant MFA

As part of a Zero Trust framework, phishing-resistant MFA is immune to attackers intercepting or even tricking users into revealing credentials.

The YubiKey is your Key to Trust, supporting the strongest phishing-defense available with WebAuthn/FIDO (passkeys) and Smart Card/PIV authentication.

How YubiKey works

No more reaching for your phone to open an app, or memorizing and typing in a code – simply touch the YubiKey to verify and you’re in. Additionally, you don’t need to use the YubiKey every time. Once an app or service is verified, it can stay trusted. It’s that easy.

YubiKeys are available in a wide range of form factors, support multiple authentication protocols and work with hundreds of applications and services. They do not require a mobile connection or batteries, are water and crush-resistant, and last a really long time.

Ready to scale phishing-resistant MFA?

Experience YubiKeys as a Service with YubiEnterprise Subscription. Modern threats can only be stopped with modern security across your organization.

What the industry is saying

“Yubico’s role in the industry is unique, the solutions that Yubico offers today are the next generation of identity security. The rest of the world needs to catch up with Yubico and not the other way around.”

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Steve Brasen, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates

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