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Yubico Team

November 13, 2012  |  Yubico Team  |  30 Comments

We have recently released the v2.3 firmware for the standard Black YubiKey, and we expect to have the v2.3 updated standard White YubiKey available in December. The YubiKey Nano has already included the v2.3 firmware for some time, and the production version of the YubiKey NEO will have equivalent functionality as the standard v2.3 when we start to ship them.

So what’s new in the YubiKey v2.3 firmware? The new firmware version adds a number of features we know you will love:

  • You can now update non-security related behaviors if the update flag is set (we set the flag by default for the YubiCloud credential). Did you want to switch off the ENTER from being sent at the end of the OTP? You can now do that. Did you want to add an inter-character delay to the OTP? You can now do that. Did you want to add a configuration password? You can now do that.
  • Swap configs: if both configs have the update flag set, you can swap them over, so your most used credential is in slot 1.
  • Fast Trigger: if you only use a single config, you can now set a “Fast Trig” flag, which emits the OTP as soon as it detects a touch, for even faster OTPs!
  • Have a configuration you don’t use very often? You can now make a config dormant – it’s still in the key, but it cannot be activated by touch. Of course, you can also return it from the dormant state (when the Update flag is set)
  • Do you use a French keyboard? If you use an OATH credential on a French keyboard, you know you need to hold the shift key before touching your YubiKey to get the digits, as French Keyboards have numeric keys shifted. We now have a flag that uses the Numeric Keypad instead – so no need to use the Shift Key! We currently only recommend this option for French keyboard layouts.

The updated cross platform personalization tool (v3.1+) can access all these features today. You can also check which firmware your current YubiKeys have with the cross platform personalization tool.

Do you need a v2.3 YubiKey? Please visit our web store! If you have other questions, please check out the forum.

30 Responses to “Announcing v2.3 firmware”

  1. Michal says:

    How to update YubiKey 2.2.4 to firmware version 2.3? Is it possible?

  2. David says:

    To prevent attacks targeting the YubiKeys and secure the secrets stored in them, YubiKeys cannot have their firmware accessed or updated.

  3. Jose says:

    I literally just bought my Yubikey about a week ago and as a first time customer I am very happy with it. But is it possible to have a reduced price upgrade or courtesy upgrades for very recent purchasers to get the new firmware? (I could use the first one as a spare or to reprogram it) – Just saying, everyone (even Apple) does this if you purchased within a certain time window and just missed the update. A trade in .. something I dunno.

  4. David says:

    I just placed two orders for a white+black Yubikey and 12-month Lastpass Premium subscriptions yesterday. Will the white Yubikeys likely have the old firmware?

  5. Daniel says:

    Thank you for the great work guys! The fast trigger is really useful to me.

  6. Doug says:

    So only some black standard YubiKeys have or can have firmware 2.3 as of today?

    This firmware is not and my not be available on any other product? (Nano, VIP, NEO, etc.)

    The only way to upgrade is buy new and pray you get a black standard YubiKey with this firmware?

    • Hi Doug,
      All black YubiKey standards and YubiKey Nanos are now shipped with firmware v 2.3. YubiKey NEO will have equivalent functionality as the standard v2.3 when we start to ship them in December.

      As mentioned above, it’s not possible to upgrade previous firmware to 2.3, but you will get a black standard YubiKey with v2.3 if you place an order for a black YubiKey.

      /Evelina, Yubico

  7. Eric says:

    What is the real world speed difference between the standard and the new?

    • David says:

      Hello Eric,

      The speed at which the OTP is entered has not changed. The new “Fast Trigger” option allows the YubiKey to activate and enter its authentication code / password when the YubiKey button is first pressed, not when it is released. The Fast Trigger only works with one configuration slot active, as the length of the button press is used to indicate to the YubiKey which configuration slot to use.

      -David Maples
      Yubico Technical Support

  8. Fozzy says:

    Just curious, why the delay for white? I thought it was only the colour that was the difference between the two. This would suggest there’s some other difference.

    Unless it’s because the white isn’t as popular and you’ve still got older stock you need to clear first.

  9. Steven says:

    Please don’t send your newsletter with tracking links:

    I have no idea where this url will go nor if the email it was actually sent by you.

    • David says:

      Hello Steven,

      We use an Email Service Provider (MailChimp) for our bulk email, including our newsletter. The tracking links placed in by them automatically.

      However, please let us know if you ever receive an email that appears to be from Yubico that you don’t believe is legitimate – we want to make sure you can trust the content we provide to you.

      -David Maples
      Yubico Technical Support

  10. Steven says:

    Are there anymore details on the “update flag”?

    • David says:

      Hello Steven,

      The “Update Flag” is a new feature for the YubiKey Configuration Slots, and not related to updating Firmware.

      The “Update Flag” allows users to program either configuration slots ahead of time with any authentication method, then put them in a “dormant” state. When a configuration slot is dormant, the settings are retained, but cannot be accessed. YubiKeys can then be “Updated” to activate these dormant configuration slots and allow users access to them.

      Further, the “Update” feature YubiKeys to switch the order of the configuration slots (Slot 1 to 2 and 2 to 1) or place an active slot back in a dormant state.

      I hope this clarifies the Update option on the Personalization tool.

      -David Maples
      Yubico Technical Support

  11. Ollie Pruitt says:

    I just received my black YubiKey (ordered on 11/10, received on 11/16.) Using the Personalization Tool I see I have firmware version 2.2.4. How do I get the latest version?

    • David says:

      Hello Ollie,

      For users who require the next firmware version of the YubiKey and have purchased their YubiKey in the past 3 months, we offer a discount for purchasing a new YubiKey. If you are interested, please contact

      -David Maples
      Yubico Technical Support

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  13. Duweeee says:

    So its December when are the white v2.3′scoming in? Kinda wanna buy some in time for christmas….

  14. Jeremy Marks says:

    As of January 14th, the LastPass premium bundle offers 2 Yubikey, 1 of which is the white key with 2.2 firmware.
    Does the white key still have the old firmware? If so, is it possible to get two blackkeys with this offer, instead of 1 white and 1 black?

  15. Jeremy Marks says:

    Hurray! Thanks.

  16. Rick Mavrick says:


    Just wondering if the recently announced “Google Protocol” will be compatible with your current products (ie 2.3) or require a newer firmware revision – I’m currently back-ordered on a NEO and a nano.


    • David says:

      Hello Rick,

      The current Standard YubiKey will continue to work across the range of applications, but does not have support for the “Google protocol”. The YubiKey NEO is designed to be able to be configured to support the “Google protocol”, but this solution is not yet available.

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