YubiRADIUS is a twilighted application, and is no longer supported by Yubico. Community support is offered in the Yubico Technical Forums. For supported solutions, please see our Enterprise Solution Partners.


  • YubiKey Hardware
  • YubiRADIUS Virtual Appliance image

YubiRADIUS 3.6.1 Features

See what’s new in YubiRADIUS 3.6.1

Download VA images (YubiRADIUS 3.6.1 release)

By downloading YubiRADIUS, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in the Yubico Software EULA.

OVF format: YubiRADIUS Virtual Appliance image
VMware format: YubiRADIUS Virtual Appliance image

How to set up YubiRADIUS

Guide how to configure, set up and run a YubiRADIUS install.

Configuration Guide (pdf)
Uploading YubiKeys when using Local Validation with YubiRADIUS (pdf)

Configuration migration from earlier releases to 3.6.1

Yubico offers a script to help YubiRADIUS administrators migrate configuration from their existing YubiRADIUS 3.5/3.6 instance to YubiRADIUS 3.6.1.

YubiRADIUS 3.5.4 or 3.5.3 to 3.6.0


Download the Migration Script

If using YubiRADIUS 3.5.3, use these instructions and script as well.