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Free Virtual Appliance server software, for enterprise remote access with YubiKey authentication.

Get a YubiKey

UPDATE: As of 27th November 2013, YubiRADIUS is no longer supported by Yubico. For more information, please head here.

Core YubiRADIUS features

    • Deployment for any number of users in less than 2 hours
    • 1st factor – User’s regular AD/LDAP network username/password
    • 2nd factor – YubiKey OTP validated by onboard server or YubiCloud
    • YubiApp mobile authentication as backup to physical YubiKey
    • Automatic binding of YubiKey users
    • Redundancy – Automatic sync to avoid single point of failure
    • Works with YubiHSM for protecting YubiKey secrets on a standard sever

Download YubiRADIUS

Download the YubiRADIUS Virtual Appliance in OVF or VMWare formats.

Download YubiRADIUS

YubiRADIUS is designed to be an easy to implement Proof-of-Concept for integrating the YubiKey. Yubico does not offer technical support for YubiRADIUS.