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Free Virtual Appliance server software, for enterprise remote access with YubiKey authentication.

Get a YubiKey

UPDATE: As of 27th November 2013, YubiRADIUS is no longer supported by Yubico. For more information, please head here. For community support, please head to the Technical Forum. For supported solutions, please see our Enterprise Solution Partners.

Core YubiRADIUS features

    • Deployment for any number of users in less than 2 hours
    • 1st factor – User’s regular AD/LDAP network username/password
    • 2nd factor – YubiKey OTP validated by onboard server or YubiCloud
    • YubiApp mobile authentication as backup to physical YubiKey
    • Automatic binding of YubiKey users
    • Redundancy – Automatic sync to avoid single point of failure
    • Works with YubiHSM for protecting YubiKey secrets on a standard sever

Download YubiRADIUS

Download the YubiRADIUS Virtual Appliance in OVF or VMWare formats.

Download YubiRADIUS

YubiRADIUS is designed to be an easy to implement Proof-of-Concept for integrating the YubiKey. Yubico does not offer technical support for YubiRADIUS.