Personalization Tools

Please choose the personalization tool of your choice. All tools can be used to configure your YubiKey(s) for OATH, Challenge-Response, Static Password and/or YubiKey OTP. Unless you have a specific need for a feature from one of the tools, we recommend using the Cross-Platform Personalization tool.

By downloading any of the Yubico Personalization Tool applications, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in the Yubico Software EULA.

Please Note! Re-programming your YubiKey’s 1st configuration slot will overwrite the YubiCloud configuration, and you cannot undo this action!


YubiKey Cross Platform Personalization Tool

  • Valid with any YubiKey
  • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Graphical user interface

User Guide
Windows: Binary Installer
Mac OS X: Mac App Store Installer
Mac OS X: Binary installer
Ubuntu package
Fedora package
Source code on GitHub

Configuration Utility

Unless there is a specific need to use the Windows Configuration Utility, we recommend using the more up-to-date Cross Platform Personalization tool.
  • Legacy Configuration tool
  • Works with Standard YubiKeys
  • Windows only

User guide
Binary installer

Multi-device Tool

  • For configuring a large number of YubiKeys, using a USB hub
  • Windows only

Watch video
User guide
Binary installer