Secure your website or blog

CMS applications are becoming increasingly mission critical to the operations of many businesses. YubiKey two-factor authentication is supported in leading open source content management systems (CMS), giving you the option to secure your CMS with the YubiKey and allowing your users to use their own YubiKeys to validate in a deployable and secure fashion.


Add an extra layer of login security to the WordPress software. The one-time password requirement can be enabled on a per user basis. Please note: not written by Yubico.


The Yubikey module for Drupal provides YubiKey strong two-factor user authentication capabilities for Drupal. The module is flexible and has several capabilities. Please note: not written by Yubico.


Joomla! 1.5, 1.6 and 2.5 Content Management System two-factor authentication plugin. With this authentication plugin you may selectively choose which Joomla users will require a YubiKey device to log into Joomla!. Please note: not written by Yubico.