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YubiKey Hardware

Authentication keys protecting access to online accounts with a simple touch - no client software needed

Get a YubiKey

Our three YubiKey versions are offered with a free authentication service and open source server components. The devices can be configured for YubiKey One Time PasswordOATHChallenge-Response and Static Password. We also offer YubiKeys specifically configured for partner applications. All YubiKeys hold 2 independent configurations of any supported type – in essence, it works as two independent keys.

YubiKey Standard

Our first, most cost-efficient and best selling device offers the “core” set of features which is shared by all the other YubiKeys. It fits nicely on a keychain, comes in black and white and can be used with many services and any computer with a USB port.

YubiKey Nano

Designed to fit almost completely inside a USB Port, the YubiKey Nano is ideal for situations in which a YubiKey is meant to be used with only one computer, and the user does not want to risk it being lost.

YubiKey NEO

Our premium YubiKey has all the functionality of a standard YubiKey with the addition of NFC communication for access to mobile devices, Yubico SmartCard applets and Mifare Classic support.

YubiKey VIP

Configured with the Symantec VIP Credential to access Symantec VIP enabled services, such as PayPal. The second slot is configured with a Yubico OTP configuration, to use with YubiCloud supported sites, including LastPass.

LastPass YubiKey

LastPass Premium is the leading cross platform password manager supporting the YubiKey. We offer a number of discounted bundles of YubiKey + LastPass Premium Subscriptions.

Password Safe YubiKey

Password Safe is an open source password manager initiated by Bruce Schneier. We offer a YubiKey configured with an additional Challenge-Response credential for two–factor encryption of the Password Safe database.