BSides Los Angeles 2014

September 11-12, Dockweiler State Beach, Los Angeles, CA - Yubico will be participating on a panel discussion about ‘Password Security’ – 9/12/14 at 2 p.m. PT


September 12-13, Maternus of Cologne, Germany - Meet the Yubico team and learn how to add the YubiKey two-factor authentication to Joomla!

World e-ID Congress

September 22, Marseille, France - Meet the Yubico team and learn about YubiKey functionality at the FIDO Alliance demo event.

SpiceWorld 2014

September 23-23, Austin, TX – Want to meet with Yubico while you are at SpiceWorld? Send us a note and we are happy to meet your request -

FIDO Alliance Demo

October 6, Seoul, South Korea - Meet the Yubico team and learn about YubiKey functionality at the FIDO Alliance demo event.

IT-SA 2014

October 7-9, Nuremburg, Germany - Yubico will be giving a presentation and hands-on demonstrations of the latest YubiKey technology at the IT-SA Security Expo!  Find us at Booth # 12.0-341.

ISSA International Conference

October 22-23, Orlando, FL - Yubico will be exhibiting YubiKey technology and has been invited as a speaker to discuss the changing nature of online authentication at the 2014 International Conference  ‘Death to Passwords – Changing the Nature of Online Authentication’ 10/22/2014 3:40 pm – 4:30 pm.

Internet Identity Workshop – IIW XIX

October 28-30, Mountain View, CA - Find the Yubico team at IIW XIX to learn more about YubiKeys and the future of authentication technology.

2014 ISSA SoCal Security Symposium

October 30, Long Beach, CA - Meet the Yubico team (table #37) and the YubiKey 2nd factor Authentication Device.

Privacy Identity Innovation (pii 2014)

November 12-14, Palo Alto, CA - Yubico has been invited to participate on a panel discussion about next-gen authentication technologies the afternoon of November 13.