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Yubico technology secures access to a range of enterprise, open source and consumer applications.

Get a YubiKey

Unlike conventional proprietary systems, the YubiKey is designed to give you control over what you want to do with it. Below is a selection of the most popular applications used by our partners and customers.

Systems Integration

Integrate two-factor authentication to offer an extra layer of security to your users or staff.

Remote Access & VPN

Cost efficient and secure corporate remote access with two-factor authentication.

Password Management

Protect and manage web usernames and passwords, both for enterprises and end users.

Computer Login

Local Login Authentication to your computer with two-factor authentication.

Single Sign-On

Enterprise class single sign-on offerings with two-factor authentication.


Add two-factor authentication login to your open source Content Management System (CMS).

Disk Encryption

Easy and secure two-factor authentication access to disk encryption.

Internet Services

Secure most sites which require an OATH- token, including Google, Dropbox, and others.

Secure Secrets on Servers

Protect secrets on authentication or validation servers, including cryptographic keys and passwords.