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LastPass YubiKey

LastPass Premium is the leading cross platform password manager supporting the YubiKey.

Get a YubiKey
  • Special LastPass YubiKey features

    • Discounted with LastPass Premium account for simplifying and securing management of online passwords
    • Up to five YubiKeys can be used on one LastPass Premium account
    • Secure passwords web sites with legacy username and password login
    • Both for individual and enterprises users
  • Core features

    • Works instantly, no need to re-type pass codes from a device
    • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Firefox, Chrome, etc
    • Identified as a USB-keyboard, no client software or drivers needed
    • Minimized size; 2 mm thin, 3 grams
    • Practically indestructible; waterproof, crush safe, no battery
    • Integration within minutes with free and open source server software
    • Two slots for multiple configurations: OATH, Challenge-Response etc