Our premium YubiKey

The YubiKey NEO is our new premium product, combining standard YubiKey functionality with USB connection as well as contact-less communication (NFC, MIFARE) It also includes a secure element enabling smart card/PKI functionality, certified for Common Criteria and highest level of security.

Mobile authentication in a simple touch

As more people rely on their mobile devices for everyday tasks, such as checking email, bank accounts or online shopping, those mobile devices have become targets themselves. A lost smartphone can grant access to an individual’s online identity, and attacks targeted against smartphones directly take advantage of this fact. Mobile applications have shown to be vulnerable to several forms of attacks. By using a separate, easy-to-use authentication token with a smartphone ensure that if a smartphone is compromised by malware, the information contained within remains protected. When the YubiKey NEO is swiped by a NFC enabled Device or Smartphone, the YubiKey NEO generates a unique One Time Password, similar to the OTP provided by the standard YubiKey. This OTP is transmitted wirelessly to the NFC device, where it can be used to trigger the browser with a programmable URL which includes the OTP by default. Other applications installed on a mobile device can also use the OTP generated by the NEO directly for local authentication. Paired with a username/password or the YubiKey NEO allows for truly secure authentication.

Enhance Protection for Your Mobile Site

The YubiKey NEO has been successfully piloted since the beginning of 2012, with more than 100,000 units ordered by customers. Public use cases include password manager LastPass, using it to protect the username and passwords on a mobile device. Further, a number of applications are already exploring the advantages of authentication with the YubiKey NEO, including Google Apps (using a SAML service). For interested integrators Yubico provides a free open source demo application.

Integrate support for YubiKey NEO