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Yubico x Keyport - Pivot 2.0 and ParaPull Carry Bundle

$28 USD
$25.99 USD
This bundle consist of
Yubico x Keyport Carry Essentials bundle includes;
1x - Yubico x Keyport Pivot 2.0
1x - Yubico x Keyport ParaPull

The Yubico x Keyport Pivot 2.0 is a durable and fun every-day-carry solution for organizing and protecting your YubiKeys, house keys, and all keys alike. Featuring a ratcheting action retaining screw that secures your items in place.

• Modular Multi-tool key organizer
• Holds 1-8 items including YubiKeys
• Black anodized 6061 Aluminum

PDF Download - Pivot 2.0 instructions

The Yubico x Keyport ParaPull Lanyard is made exclusively for Yubico and is specifically designed to work with YubiKey. What's unique? The string is thin enough to fit through the YubiKey Nano, and designed to be very strong. 

• Nylon core string with polyester sheathing
• Fits Keychain and Nano YubiKeys with inserts
• Can be attached to Yubico x Keyport Pivot 2.0

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45-day consumer returns
Made in USA & Sweden

Pivot Specifications

Dimensions 3.2" length x 0.6" width x variable thickness
Chasis material 6061 hardened aluminum alloy
Chasis finish Black anodized
Item capacity Up to 8 key sized items
# of screw fasteners 1
# of tension springs 1
# of spacers 3
Weight .7 oz

ParaPull Specifications

Dimensions 1.87" length x 0.37" width x 0.18" thickness
Pull material Black TPU
String material Nylon and polyester
Supported YubiKeys All YubiKeys will fit except the YubiKey C Nano form factor

Yubico x Keyport

We’re excited to share an exclusive collaboration with Keyport Inc. to bring high quality YubiKey accessories to Yubico.com. Yubico customers have asked for a smart way to carry and protect their YubiKeys without compromise, and Keyport was consistently mentioned as a fan favorite option, so we’re thrilled to bring these products to the Yubico store.

About Keyport
Keyport® transforms personal access by designing streamlined solutions at the intersection of utility, convenience, technology, and style since 2005. With Keyport, you can get rid of pocket clutter and create your very own universal access device that artfully integrates keys, pocket tools, and smart tech. Our goal is not only to refine your everyday carry, but also to elevate it for the modern lifestyle. Learn more at mykeyport.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Keyport Pivot 2.0 accessories be used with Yubico x Keyport Pivot 2.0? Yes, Pivot 2.0 accessories from Keyport will fit this key organizer. For an exact category of accessories that fit, visit mykeyport.com/collections/yubico-x-keyport.
What is the difference between Yubico x Keyport Pivot 2.0 and Keyport's OEM Pivot 2.0? Yubico's version does not come with Keyport's KeyportID™ lost and found service.