We provide Web API Clients in different languages to allow you to easily check and validate Yubico One-Time Passwords. Please note: Third-Party clients are not written by Yubico.

Yubico Clients

A PHP class allows you to easily check Yubico OTP’s from your PHP web site.

Yubico C client library is a shared library written in C that performs online Yubico OTP validation.

Integrate Yubico OTP verification into your Java code.

This library contains a C# implementation of Yubico OTP verification.

An AnyEvent based Perl extension for validating Yubico OTPs.

Write your own client

Getting Started Writing Clients

The Yubico API demo

Protocol documentation

Latest revision: Validation Protocol Version 2.0.

 Server v2 FAQ 

Created a New Client? Please let us know so that others can avoid duplicating work.