Welcome to the ID Verified YubiKey Pilot

You will be using this app to verify your identity using your driver license. You must have a current and valid driver license.

The ID Verified YubiKey Pilot (for Google and iOS) uses a wizard to help you remotely verify your identity and enroll in the pilot. Once you have successfully enrolled, YubiKeys will be sent to your home address. You can then use those YubiKeys to log in on the School District of Janesville's site (via the ClassLink portal) to access various apps such as Infinite Campus.

For more information about the pilot, see the pilot website. Here you'll find more information about the pilot as well as information about the YubiKeys and frequently asked questions.

Before you begin:

You will be using the camera on your phone to take a picture (scan) the front and back of your driver license (this is how you will be verifying your identity). It is important to note the following:

  1. That you scan your driver license in a well-lighted location with diffused light. Be sure you do not see a shadow over your driver license when you move your device over the driver license to scan the front (it is less critical when you scan the back of your license as the back contains less information).
  2. That you place your driver license on a surface that is dark (if your license is a light color) or light (if you have a license that has dark edges). This provides contrast and allows for a clear scan of your driver license.

Using the app

To begin
  1. Answer the first question, if the address on your driver license is current:
  2. An instructional message is displayed describing that you will need to scan the QR code displayed on the webpage when you started the identity verification process. Tap Continue.
  3. When your camera app is displayed on your phone, center the camera on the QR code displayed on the enrollment screen (this screen is displayed in the wizard on the web page when you downloaded the app.
  4. When the code has been scanned, you will use the next screen to scan the back and front of your driver license. Do the following:

That's it! Exit the the app and return to the website where you started the identification verification process so you can check status of your identity verification and then do one of the following:

If you have any questions regarding the pilot, or having your identity verified using the app, contact IT or your Innovation Specialist.

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