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    The safest way to secure your currency on an exchange.

    Why use a YubiKey

    Ultra secure

    Zero recorded account
    takeovers in 11 years. The
    physical key requires a human
    touch and cannot be remotely

    Quick and reliable

    One-tap login, nothing to
    download, no batteries, crush
    and water resistant.
    Manufactured in Sweden and

    One key, many services

    One key to access hundreds
    of top sites. No user and
    security information is shared
    between the services,
    protecting your privacy.

    green outline of yubikey
    “The gold standard for two-factor authentication”
    Philip MartinChief security officer, Coinbase

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    The authentication challenge

    Breaches, phishing & billions of stolen

    The internet was designed for sharing information, not security. As it has advanced and scaled to be a critical part of our everyday lives—so have the fraudsters. Today, 18 million login credentials are being compromised every day.

    Passwords are growing in number and complexity

    When we are forced to remember multiple, complex passwords, we inevitably forget them. Or we cut corners on security by simplifying them or using them over and over again.

    Mobile authenticators do not stop phishing

    To step up security we have been told to use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) such as mobile authenticators and text message (SMS). Only to find out that they are slow and do not prevent modern phishing attacks from hijacking your logins.

    Secure access with YubiKey


    Insert your YubiKey and
    touch it!


    Just tap it!

    The old way vs. the new way

    The YubiKey makes securing cryptocurrency exchanges, accounts, and high-value transactions safe and easy. The YubiKey is the strongest way to protect logins, trades, and transfers at the exchange level, increasing user trust and accelerating cryptocurrency adoption.

    The old way

    There are many solutions out there, none of them ideal:

    • Hosted wallets are at risk if the exchange doesn’t support strong authentication
    • Desktop wallets are accessible online and can be phished without strong protection
    • Cold wallets are difficult to use and manage, and require keeping the cryptocurrency offline
    • Paper wallets are not safe, since can easily be destroyed or misplaced

    The new way

    The YubiKey is the smart way to protect cryptocurrency:

    • Secures the currency at exchange level
    • One security key can be used to protect many cryptocurrencies ー there is no limitation as long as the key is supported by the exchange
    • Inconspicuous, small form factor that doesn’t draw attention
    • Simplicity of use that advances cryptocurrency adoption
    • Coins stay protected at the exchange level, while the secrets stay in the key
    • Zero recorded account takeovers

    How YubiKey helps exchanges and users

    YubiKey for exchanges
    • The highest level of security, to help attract new customers beyond the early adopters
    • Enhances customer retention
    • Increases brand awareness and reputation
    • Secures user and company data
    • Reduces costs of fraud-related losses
    • Increases fungibility of customer assets, leading to higher volume of transactions
    YubiKey for accounts
    • Simple, convenient, and secure user authentication
    • Works with more apps and services out of the box than any other security key
    • Affordable backup key
    • No extra hardware or cables required
    • Easy to use – it works with just a tap
    • Eliminates the need for sending cryptocurrency to hardware cold wallet
    • Less expensive than hardware wallets and supports more exchanges
    • Secures trading, buying, and selling with a phishing resistant, hardware-based authentication
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