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“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our subscribers free YubiKeys. Our readers are sophisticated technology users who value their security, which is why we picked YubiKey as a natural gift for them.”
Nicholas ThompsonEditor-in-Chief, WIRED

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Strongest defense against phishing

YubiKey makes two-factor authentication (2FA) easy.

Just tap the YubiKey and it does the rest for you.


1 Enter your username and password

2 Insert key and touch button, or tap against mobile device

Have questions getting your WIRED-branded YubiKey to work? We’re here to help.

Click Get Support and select “WIRED Promotion YubiKEy”.

The YubiKey protects against modern phishing and MiTM attacks that traditional 2-step verification, SMS authentication, one time password tokens, and mobile apps are unable to defend against.

Approved by the experts at WIRED, YubiKeys are used by millions to protect online accounts, networks, servers, and more.

Conforms with the FIDO U2F global authentication standard co-created by Yubico and Google and works seamlessly out of the box with hundreds of online services, and millions when you use Google or Facebook Login.

The YubiKey is manufactured with the highest security standards by Yubico, in USA and Sweden.

YubiKey enables secure login to services and apps

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New WIRED Subscribers Get 20% Off YubiKeys

It’s best practice to have a backup YubiKey for your accounts, just like the spare key you have to your home or car. That’s why we are offering you a 20% discount code on additional YubiKeys of your choice (up to 5 single keys).

Find your exclusive coupon code on the postcard that came with the free Limited Edition YubiKey from WIRED. Go to https://www.yubico.com/store/ , add your YubiKeys, and enter your unique coupon code in cart.

Offer Terms: All coupons expire December 31, 2022. Use of your 20% coupon is valid for a single purchase on up to five (5) single devices including Security Key by Yubico, Security Key NFC, YubiKey 5 NFC, YubiKey 5C, YubiKey 5C Nano. Not valid on packs. Additional keys purchased are not branded with the WIRED logo. Not valid where prohibited. Coupon codes are distributed by WIRED with the complimentary gift when reader purchased a subscription to WIRED magazine.

Please note, the Limited Edition WIRED-branded YubiKey 4 promotion has ended. Visit https://subscribe.wired.com/subscribe/wired/114200?source=yubico for other subscription details.

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