• Yubico Executive Connect

    Engage with Yubico executives and solution experts to fine-tune your strategic and IT initiatives.
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    Meet with Yubico executives and solution experts and
    benefit from industry-leading expertise in security.

    We’re here to collaborate with you

    The need to keep your users productive while you modernize and enhance your organization’s security posture is ongoing. We’re here to help as the trusted global leader in strong authentication.

    Engage with executives and peers in focused conversations

    A focused and customized briefing agenda will address your specific business needs and IT initiatives. We’ll partner with you to achieve your goals. 

    Below are some of the Yubico team available for an executive and peer-to peer discussion in a virtual briefing.

    We look forward to having a collaborative conversation with you soon.

    Executives and Solutions experts

    Mattias Danielsson

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jerrod Chong

    President and Chief Operating Officer

    Stina Ehrensvärd

    Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder

    Jakob Ehrensvärd

    Chief Innovation Officer &  Co-Founder

    Christopher Harrell

    Chief Technology Officer

    Ronnie Manning

    Chief Marketing Officer

    John Bradley

    Senior Architect / Standards

    Jeff Wallace

    SVP, Product

    Hung Truong

    Chief Engineering Officer