YubiKey 4 Nano

Millions of us rely on our Google Account for access to Gmail, Google Apps, YouTube, Google+, Blogger, and more. We all want our accounts and data to be safe, but traditional login just isn’t secure enough in today’s world — malware and other attacks steal passwords and hack accounts every day.

Fortunately, you can secure your Google Account easily with Yubico’s U2F-compliant YubiKeys. YubiKeys provide an additional secret beyond your password when you access your Google Account. The extra layer of protection is called a second factor or 2-Step Verification. Even if your username and password (first factor) is stolen, hackers cannot get into your account without having possession of your Security Key (second factor). The only way someone could get in to your account would be to have both your password and your physical key — not very likely!

A stolen Security Key is useless without the account username and password. If a key is lost, a new key can be added to a Google Account and the lost key deleted. You can rest assured your account is secure when it’s protected by a YubiKey. YubiKeys are more secure than Google Authenticator, Google Prompt, SMS, and emailed passcodes.

How-To Video: Log In to Google Accounts with FIDO U2F Security Key

Even Better for Businesses

Google Cloud and Google for Education are ready for YubiKey out-of-the-box. Find out more about YubiKey and Google Cloud.

Secure Your Google Account Today

YubiKeys are available worldwide on Amazon and through the Yubico Store.

See Why Google Likes Security Keys

Google recently published a two-year study on the use of FIDO U2F Security Keys. Read our blog discussing the paper and Google’s conclusions (and then download the study).