Integrate with One-Time Password

The YubiCloud is a free cloud based YubiKey One-Time Password (OTP) validation service, for easy integration of strong two-factor authentication with your website or online service. It offers users the strength of the Yubico OTP validation, coupled with tools to allow users to control access to their YubiKeys or automatically load new YubiKeys to the YubiCloud. All of these services are free to anyone who wants to protect their website or service with the YubiKey Two-Factor Authentication.

How it works
Integration is normally done in 20-40 minutes, using one of the Web/Client APIs. Most online services keep existing username and password login (validated by the online service) and add an additional Yubico OTP login field (validated by the YubiCloud).

Yubikeys from the Yubico store comes ready to use with the YubiCloud, requiring no programming of the keys. Online services who want to avoid the cost and hassle of keeping stock and shipping hardware, point their users to order directly from Yubico web store. Yubico ship to all countries with standard delivery in less than a week. Your users can re-use their YubiKey on a range of public online services supporting YubiCloud.

Online services who want to deploy their own YubiKeys, the product can be shipped in a standard envelope and with no binding of serial numbers to the user. At delivery, the user will bind his YubiKey to a user account and can start using the YubiKey immediately.

Yubico provides a general user instructions page for YubiKey users. However, to eliminate support, we recommend you to make a custom YubiKey page on your website, including user instructions, FAQ and Technical Forum. Lost YubiKeys can be easily disabled any time at Yubico online revoke service. Our online affiliate program is available for online services who want to promote the YubiKey via your website, emails or newsletters. It’s free and easy to implement and will automatically give you 15% commission in referred YubiKey web sales.

Integrate with U2F

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