YubiKey 4 Nano

Yubico and Dashlane are working to keep you safe with the first password manager that supports FIDO U2F-certified YubiKeys. YubiKeys provide that extra layer of protection with secure two-factor authentication that is not only fast and easy to use, but is also easy to set up. YubiKeys work with Dashlane Premium and Dashlane for Business, see instructions for getting started on Dashlane’s site. Set up additional backup YubiKeys the same way.

Each time you log in to Dashlane, instead of having to retrieve and type in a mobile authenticator code, just insert your YubiKey, touch it, and you’re ready to go in seconds. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to access your Dashlane account because of spotty cellular access, uncharged batteries, or lost phones. If you lose your YubiKey, just insert one of your backup YubiKeys and you’re good to go.

With YubiKeys, help desk staff no longer have to support users with lost phones, accidentally deleted authenticator apps, or forgotten backup codes – saving businesses significant time and money. When compared to mobile authenticator solutions, YubiKeys enable stronger hardware-based security. The YubiKey is more durable than a mobile phone, and users love how much faster they can authenticate to their apps and websites.

Order your YubiKeys today for fast, strong, two-factor authentication that protects your Dashlane account and helps keep you safe. Get YubiKey and Dashlane Premium or see special bundle options for your business at Dashlane.


FIDO U2F is an emerging open authentication standards initiative with strong support from more than 180 end-user and vendor companies in the FIDO Alliance, a consortium working to bring strong authentication to the masses.

U2F breaks the mold for high-security, public-key hardware devices by removing the complexity of drivers, client software and the traditional costly certificate authority (CA) model.

With FIDO U2F, one single device can be used with any number of online services with no user information or encryption keys shared between the service providers.

To see where else you can use your U2F-certified YubiKey, see our FIDO U2F page. For additional FAQs, see our Support FAQs.

For more information about FIDO U2F, see the full U2F Specifications on the FIDO Alliance website.