YubiKey 4 Nano

Atlassian has announced that Bitbucket Cloud has added support for FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) to protect their users’ data and accounts.  With this integration, Yubico’s lineup of U2F-certified keys — U2F Security Key, YubiKey 4, and YubiKey NEO — are now able to instantly provide hardware-based two-factor authentication to protect Bitbucket accounts with the simple touch of a button. Bitbucket is one of the latest of a group of leading websites to support this growing standard.


U2F is an emerging open authentication standard co-created by Yubico. U2F brings high-security public key cryptography without the complexity of drivers, clients software, and certificate authority (CA). One single U2F device can be used with many services yet maintains privacy. U2F provides simple, scalable, secure, second-factor login.